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Goals & Deliverables

This Action Plan is envisaged to achieve the following four broad goals in the year 2022 23


Identifying and addressing the challenges and gaps in the implementation of the NEP 2020 with regard to Bharatiya Bhasha


Strengthening language institutions and synergizing their schemes and programmes


Review and evaluation of the role of various institutions and providing suggestions for their rejuvenation, content creation and technology adaptation with reference to promotion of Bharatiya Bhashas


Exploring and promoting new avenues for the use of Bharatiya Bhashas in various domains for improving employability and employment of Bharatiya Bhasha students

Major Deliverables for 2022

Vision and Road Map for Development of Bharatiya Bhashba in viw of BP 2020: Ten-year Perspective Plan-Sector-wise and Institution-wise.

Pan Indian mapping and consolidation of central data bank of languages, language institutions and language experts

Concrete proposals for augmenting employment opportunities for and employability of language students

Specific action plans for development and promotion of more than two hundred seventy Indian languages/mother tongues.

Expansion of the use of Bharatiya Bhasha in the domains of research, technology, Indian Knowlege System, commerce and industry, etc.

Greater availability and accessibility of modern content in Bharatiya bhasbhas, and visibility and audibility of Bharatiya Bhashas at all level and areas of eucation.