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Youth are a major stakeholder in NMBA as they are the most affected of substance abuse and are therefore effective in relating to younger generation. Youth are given orientation on the issue of substances use and are engaged in spreading this message across the country. Garnering participation with the youth ensures that the objectives of the Abhiyaan sustain even beyond Abhiyaan period. Youth Groups such as Yuva Mandals, NYK & NSS Volunteers and NCC Cadets have organized, participated and been involved in awareness rallies, community sessions, poster & wall painting competitions, sports events, oath & pledge gatherings. Till now 35+ Lakh Youth have been reached out for the Abhiyaan.


Women are envisioned to be important stakeholders in the Abhiyaan as they can have a positive impact not only on their families but also on the community. Through their zeal, enthusiasm and network they reached out to large sections of people through multiple interventions. Women have been mobilized and motivated to work towards curbing the menace of substance abuse as part of the Abhiyaan.

Educational Institutions

Schools & Colleges have shown active interest in the Abhiyaan and organized multiple activities like online seminars, webinars, essay writing, painting, signature and oath taking to create awareness in students. Rallies, awareness drives were other important ways through which Youth flagged the importance of Abhiyaan and advocated to promote a healthy lifestyle. Sports events such as Freedom runs, 3-5 Km runs, Kabaddi & Cricket matches were organized.

Master Volunteers

Each district has selected 50 Master Volunteers who will play a vital role in spreading word of the Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan and executing various on-ground activities in their respective districts. Around 13,600 Master Volunteers have been identified in the selected 272 districts and have undergone training and are currently involved in the Abhiyaan. They will also be conducting on-spot counseling for identified users or those found vulnerable and guide them to the nearest counseling and de addiction facility.

Impact Through Social Media

Social media has immense capability to reach out and engage with people on a large scale and to utilize this power, the Abhiyaan is present online on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram through dedicated pages where regular NMBA updates across the country are shared.

Internship Progarmme

To further increase the reach & impact of the Abhiyaan, the two forces of social media and youth have been integrated through an internship programme in which 1500+ youth working in batches during Abhiyaan period are expected to reach out to 2+ crore people through informative & eye-catching videos, articles/blogs, infographics, poems and songs based on the theme of substance abuse. In the initial phase of the internship of 3 weeks, these young boys and girls in the age group of 18- 25 years, who come from varied educational & economic backgrounds, have posted around 60,000+ posts on 3 platforms (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and have reached out to around 15 Lakh in the last 8 months.