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To attain the objectives of the Abhiyaan, the Ministry aims to create a safe space for the youth to come up with community initiatives and build their knowledge through constructive activities. Therefore, an internship program has been designed for individuals aged between 14-30 years to engage them in activities that are important for personal and professional development. The selected interns worked to increase the footfall on social media as per the weekly targets set by the supervisor as well as wrote articles, poems and research papers on drug demand reduction. Simultaneously, the interns also conducted online surveys to assess the impact of the abhiyaan on youth and community.

The program has the following objectives:

  1. To involve the youth in substance use prevention, treatment & rehabilitation activities.
  2. To understand the deep-rooted social issues with respect to marginalised communities
  3. To engage in community development programmes, assisting and working hand-in-hand with the NGOs/CBOs/NMBA through online platform
  4. To inculcate a habit of critical thinking and building knowledge among youth about drug abuse, its multifaceted nature and societal consequences at the community level.
  5. To provide evidence based information to the youth which could further be turned into creative posts, articles and other creatives useful for the knowledge pool.

Papers & Articles

I am Roselin Rongpi, I am doing M.A. in Development Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan, under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is a pioneer awareness campaign in the field of drug demand reduction. Being a fresher, I was eager to learn about this initiative and add more to the existing knowledge pool through this programme.

I am Sahadeb Panigrahi, I have done my Masters in Social Work from Fakir Mohan University, Odisha. I have a passion to work in the field of addiction psychology especially about substance use. Therefore, I joined as an intern inNasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan.

My name is Nikhlesh Jarngal, and I am currently persuing my bachelor's degree from Netaji Subhash University of Technology. Looking at the advancing number of substance dependants in my college life, devastated my mental peace adversely and I wanted to do something about it. This motivated me to support the noble cause of providing assistance to substance users by mitigating the stigma and discrimination attached to such individuals.

My name is Sheeraj Malik and I have completed my B.TECH from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. My main reason to join this initiative is to expand the scope of NMBA in villages and places where evidence based information does not reach so easily. I believe that reaching out to the people through correct information is imperative for the effectiveness of any campaign.

Hi, I am Chetan Chauhan currently pursuing M.A. in Gender Development Studies from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan, under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, being a student I wanted to become more aware about the ill effects of substance use and how in my capacity I can contribute to the well being of such individuals.

I am Junaid Nazir, and I am currently enrolled in bachelor's of technology with specialisation in Computer Science. My reason to join this internship was to create some sort of awareness among the youth who are misusing drugs and NMBA was the best platform for it.

Hello everyone, My name is Arnav Pydimukkala, I am a 15 year old sophomore in northville High School Michigan, USA. I have been blessed to have the opportunity of joining yhe Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan and actually being able to contribute to the society in some manner that coincides with my passion to be a woke citizen. I am passionate in bringing awareness in the matter of drug abuse as I have seen my friends since middle school struggle with substances all due to lack of information.

Manhar Chahal is a student pursuing her Masters in Psychology at Punjab University from the Institute of Social Sciences Education and Research. She takes a keen interest in clinical and counselling psychology and plans to become a counsellor in the near future. She interned under Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan in the summer of 2022.

Hi, My name is Dhananjay Rajendra Kadam and I am currently studying at yashwantrao chavan school of social work, Satara, Maharashtra. I have closely seen addiction in my surrounding which not only affected the individual but the people connected to them. To become a better citizen, I joined the Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan to become well informed.

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